School Council

School Council

School Council

The Rainbow District School Board is committed to the belief that successful education requires a strong partnership and active involvement between the school, the home, staff and members of the community. The Board believes that relationships between these partners will be strengthened by the formation of school councils in each school.

The School Council will promote continued excellence in education, and will place the overall interest of students first.

Membership 2020-2021

James Norrie

Jessica Newell-Tremblay


Tiffany Sutton Taylor

Erin Holloway

Teacher Rep  
Melanie Douglas

Non-Teacher Rep
Stephanie Daoust


Michael Thompson

Jodi Armstrong

Jessica Greenough

Ashley Pine

Donna Nesseth

Laurie Eastman

Emily Newell

Crystal Larose

Luisa Rocca

Meeting Dates:

Meetings are held in the school library starting at 7 pm.

Terms of Reference

Rainbow School Board - Terms of Reference